• - (离开) leave; part from; be away from; separate:

    go far away from home; 远离家乡

    be separated; 别离

    - (背离) go against:

    rebel; desert and rebel 叛离

    - (缺少) dispense with; go without; be independent of:

    can not go without a walking stick; 离不开手杖

    Fish can not live without water. 鱼儿离不开水。

    - (偏离) deviate from; shift from:

    deviate from standard; stray off; 离谱儿

    Don't stray from the point. 不要离题乱扯。

    - (距离; 相距) be apart [away] from; be at a distance from:

    be about 50 kilometres away from Beijing; 离北京约50公里

    The bus stop is not far from the hospital. 公共汽车站离医院很近。

  • - (八卦之一) li, one of the Eight Diagrams
    - (姓氏) a surname:

    Li Xin 离辛



  1. 这个花园离市中心只有五分钟的路程。
    The park is only five minutes from downtown.
  2. 这栋房子对我们来说不够大,而且离城太远了。
    This house is not large enough for us, and further, it is too far from the town.
  3. 他似乎不愿离去。
    He seemed somewhat loath to depart.
  4. 我们明天必须离开,真是遗憾。
    It is a pity that we shall have to leave tomorrow.
  5. 他一来,她就离开。
    He had no sooner come than she left.
  6. 离我远一点儿!
    Get away from me!
  7. 比赛离终场还有五分钟时,双方比分为五比零。
    The score was five-nil with five minute left in the game.
  8. 直到他来我才离开。
    It was not until he came that I left.


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