• - (俭省; 节约) economize; save:

    economize wherever possible; 能省的就省

    save a lot of trouble; 省掉不少麻烦

    - (免掉; 减去)mit; leave out:

    eliminate one step from the process; 省一道工序

    This sentence can be omitted. 这个句子可以省去。

  • - (行政区划单位,直属中央) province:

    Hebei Province; 河北省

    provincial people's congress; 省人民代表大会

    - (姓氏) a surname:

    Sheng Zang 省臧

  • - (检查自己的思想行为) examine oneself critically:

    make a self-examination; introspect; 反省

    be critical of oneself 内省

    - (探望; 问候) visit (esp. one's parents or elders):

    go home to pay respects to one's parents; 归省

    visit relative's grave 省墓

    - (醒悟; 明白) become conscious; be aware:

    lose consciousness 不省人事



  1. 我们得省吃俭用来付帐。
    We had to scrimp and save to pay the bills.
  2. 我出生在河北省的一个小村庄。
    I was born in a small village in Hebei Province.
  3. 他们支持日本接管德国以前在山东省的所有权益。
    They supported Japan's take over of all the former German interests in Shandong Province.
  4. 这个国家沿海的省份非常富有。
    The country's maritime provinces are rich.
  5. 就石油能源而言,我们愈节省愈好。
    As far as oil energy is concerned, we cannot be too frugal.
  6. 【谚】一针及时省九针。
    A stitch in time saves nine.
  7. 【谚】省一文就得一文。
    A penny saved is a penny earned.
  8. 改用煤气集中供暖将节省大笔开支。
    Conversion to gas central heating will save you a lot of money.


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