• - (意义; 用意; 目的) purport; purpose; aim:

    main idea; essential point; gist; 要旨

    purport; main purpose; 主旨

    - (意旨) decree:

    imperial decree; 圣旨

    receive imperial decree 奉旨

  • - (滋味美) delicious; tasty:

    excellent [fine] wine; 旨酒

    delicious food 甘旨



  1. 我发现要了解他的演讲主旨是很困难的。
    I find it difficult to understand the purport of his speech.
  2. 研讨会旨在改革旧的封闭式的评价制度,从而建立新的教育评价体系。
    The purpose of this seminar is to reform the old closed system so as to establish the new system of educational assessment.
  3. 这一政策旨在维护和平。
    The aim of the policy is the preservation of peace.
  4. 教皇通过传教士向教徒传达教旨。
    The pope uses missionaries to convey his doctrines to believers.
  5. 意旨,那么,我死了我还要更加爱你--
    I shall but love thee better after death.
  6. 优质的服务一向是我们的综旨。
    Providing quality service is always our top priority.
  7. 皇太后传旨杀掉皇太子。
    The empress dowager gave orders to snuff out the crown prince.
  8. 我们的中旨是,如果玩家享受到了乐趣,他们就会购买物品。
    Our philosophy is that players will buy items if they are having fun.
  9. 在操作层面上被称为自由飞行的概念才是要旨。
    The operational concept called free flight is the keystone.
  10. 本文的题旨则在吁求向历史主义的回归。
    The purpose of this paper is to call for a return to historicism.


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