• - (由国家制定或认可的行为规则的总称) law:

    lawful; legal; legitimate; rightful; 合法

    observe the law; 守法

    - (方法; 方式) way; method; mode; means:

    measure; means; way; 办法

    use; usage; 用法

    - (标准; 模范; 可仿效的) standard; model:

    take as model; follow the example of; 效法

    aim high 取法乎上

    - (佛教的道理) Buddhist doctrine; the dharma
    - (法术) magic arts:

    resort to magic arts; 作法

    conjure; play tricks 变戏法

    - (姓氏) a surname:

    Fa Xiong 法雄

  • - (仿效; 效法) model after; follow:

    follow sb.'s unfulfilled wish [behest] 法其遗志



  1. 治疗背痛的唯一办法是休息。
    The only way to cure backache is to rest.
  2. 一些人反对说,新税法不公平。
    Some people objected that the new tax law was unfair.
  3. 他在法学院读书。
    He is at law college.
  4. 律师向我们解释了新法律。
    The lawyer explained the new law to us.
  5. 法律禁止向18岁以下的人出售含有酒精的饮料。
    The law forbids the sale of alcohol to people under 18.
  6. 他应该受到法律最严厉的惩罚。
    He deserves to be punished with the full rigor of the law.
  7. 这些法律仍然有效。
    The laws are still in vigor.
  8. 窝藏罪犯是犯法的。
    Harboring criminals is an offence in law.


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