• - (使人心情安适) comfort; console:

    comfort and encourage; 慰勉

    console oneself; 自慰

    - (心安; 宽慰) be [get] relieved:

    I'm very happy to get your letter. 得信甚慰。

    I'm relieved to learn that you have recovered from your illness. 知你康复,甚慰。



  1. 安慰的话,宽心的话某些没有内在补救作用的东西,仅仅用来安慰他人
    Something of no intrinsic remedial value that is used to appease or reassure another.
  2. 我不知道如何安慰他使之减轻悲痛。
    I don't know how to solace his grief.
  3. 数据显示,年轻女性看起来对自慰冲动的反应较慢。 研究显示,20-39岁的女性是最为狂热的自慰爱好者,而18-20岁的女性和40岁以上的女性则自慰较少。
    The data shows that young women seem to warm up to masturbation more slowly.
  4. 由于你认为很少会有人足够好到能配得上你,所以常常用自慰来解决。
    You seldom think others are good enough for you so you masturbate a lot.
  5. 他们供奉祭品以慰诸神。
    They offer a sacrifice to propitiate the god.
  6. 这到底是一个自慰式幻想,还是一个天真无邪的关于烘焙食品的梦?
    Was it a masturbatory fantasy sequence or an innocent dream about baked goods?
  7. 知你平安到达,甚慰。
    I am greatly relieved to learn that you have arrived safely.
  8. 普通男人和普通的女人就这样彼此相拥相慰。
    The plain woman and plain man do that for each other.
  9. 自慰是安全性行为里面最安全的。
    Masturbation is the safest form of safe sex.
  10. 自慰是一种短期的让她在压抑和孤单中得到解脱的方法。
    It was a short term fix to her depression and loneliness.


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