• - (类别) category:

    metals 金属

    - {生} (生物分类系统上所用的等级之一) genus:

    Feilis; 猫属

    subgenus; 亚属

    - (家属; 亲属) family members; dependents:

    families of armymen; 军属

    direct dependent 直系亲属

  • - (隶属) under; subordinate to:

    subordinate units and departments; 所属单位和部门

    These factories are run by the local authorities. 这些厂属地方领导。

    - (归属) belong to:

    The land belongs legally to the Government. 该地依法属政府所有。

    Both our countries belong to the Third World. 我们两国同属第三世界。

    - (系; 是) be:

    prove to be true after investigation; 查明属实

    be really unreasonable 实属无理

    - (用十二属相记生年) be born in the year of (one of the twelve animals):

    She is one year younger than I am; she was born in the year of the ox. 她比我小一岁,是属牛的。

  • - (连缀; 连续) join; combine:

    join the two parts together 前后相属

    - (意念集中在一点) fix (one's mind) on; centre (one's attention, etc.) upon



  1. 黄水仙是水仙属植物。
    The daffodil belongs to the genus Narcissus'.
  2. 我家属低教会派。
    My family is Low Church.
  3. 我们当务之急是安抚死者的家属。
    Our immediate concern is for/with the families of those who died.
  4. 他的死讯已电告其家属。
    News of his death was cabled to his family.
  5. 赤杨属于桦木科。
    Alder trees belong to the birch family.


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