• - (特异的; 突出的) outstanding:

    have absolutely no sense of shame; brazen in the extreme; 无耻之尤

    pick out the best 择尤

  • - (更;尤其) particularly; especially:

    especially good; 尤佳

    especially bad; 尤甚

  • - (怨恨; 归咎) have a grudge against; blame:

    blame God and man -- blame everyone and everything but oneself 怨天尤人

  • - (过失) fault; wrongdoing:

    knowingly follow the example of a wrongdoer 效尤

    - (姓氏) a surname:

    You Hao 尤昊



  1. 储存的 物经常受损坏,尤其是老鼠为患最甚。
    Stores of grain are frequently attacked by pests, especially rats.
  2. 她的小说我都喜欢,最新的一部尤其好。
    I like all her novels, but her latest is particularly good.
  3. 要射中飞行中的小鸟,尤其是高空飞行的小鸟,非常困难。
    It is difficult to shoot a flying bird, especially a small bird flying high up in the sky.
  4. 旅游可以使人增长见闻,尤其对年轻人。
    Travel is an edifying experience, especially for young people.
  5. 噪音令人讨厌,尤其当你想睡觉的时候。
    Noise is unpleasant, especially when you are trying to sleep.
  6. 我喜欢这乡村,尤其是在春天。
    I love the country, especially in spring.
  7. 圣诞节是个快乐的日子,尤其是对孩子们。
    Christmas is a time of mirth, especially for children.
  8. 临别的言行(尤指不友好的或恶意的)。
    I particularly want to see that film.


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