• - (幼年丧父或父母双亡的) orphan:

    widowers, widows, orphans and childless couples 鳏寡孤独

    - (姓氏) a surname:

    Gu Yuan 孤远

  • - (单独; 孤单) lonely; isolated; solitary:

    an isolated island; 孤岛

    lonely and helpless; 孤零零的

  • - (封建王侯的自称) I; my humble self (used by feudal princes)



  1. 求神赐福於那些饥饿、孤独或患病的人。
    Bless (ie We ask God to bless) all those who are hungry, lonely or sick.
  2. 我虽孑然一身,但从不感孤寂。
    I live all alone but I never feel lonely.
  3. 他当初刚到伦敦时很孤单。
    He was very lonely at first when he moved to London.
  4. 他的朋友很少,因此他的生活非常孤单。
    He has so few friends that his life is lonely.
  5. 这个孤独的孩子渴望母亲的爱抚。
    The lonely child is longing for the caress of his mother.
  6. 形成这种孤子对的两个孤子之间可以发生相互作用。
    The two solitons in one pair can interact with each other.
  7. 他是个孤哀子,从小长在孤儿院。
    He is an orphan and grew up in a orphanage.
  8. 你相信这个国家有许多孤孤单单的人吗?
    Do you believe there are many lone wolves in this country?
  9. 光孤子的产生是实现光孤子通信的首要问题。
    The formation of soliton is the chief problem of realizing soliton communication.
  10. 它意味着成为孤家寡人,在公司里没有可以倾诉的对象。
    It means being lonely and having no one inside the company to moan to.


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