1. 我经常带我的孩子们去公园玩。
    I often take my children to play in the park.
  2. 那位富翁在遗嘱中什么都没给他儿子留下。
    The rich man left his son nothing in the will.
  3. 她的儿子死去时,她悲伤得几乎疯了。
    She was almost mad with grief when her son died.
  4. 我儿子生病时,丈夫给了我极大的安慰。
    My husband was a great comfort to me when my son was ill.
  5. 我的小儿子喜欢对我玩恶作剧。
    My little son is fond of playing practical jokes on me.
  6. 他的儿子已成年了。
    His son has grown into manhood.
  7. 我最近没听到我儿子的任何音讯。
    I haven't heard any news from my son lately.
  8. 把交通安全常识教给孩子们是非常重要的。
    It's very important to teach the children about road safety.


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