• - (人体或其他物体受到的损害) wound ; injury:

    a knife wound; 刀伤

    frostbite; 冻伤

    - (姓氏) a surname:

    Shang Xing 伤省

  • - (伤害) injure; hurt:

    be knocked down and injured by a car; 被汽车撞伤

    speak bitingly; 出口伤人

    - (悲伤) be distressed:

    sad; sorrowful 哀伤

    - (因过度而感到厌烦) get sick of sth. ; develop an aversion to sth.:

    He has eaten so many eggs since his childhood that he is fed up with them now. 他从小吃鸡蛋吃伤了。

    The child has got sick of eating sweets. 这孩子吃糖吃伤了。

    - (妨碍) be harmful to; hinder:

    involving no major principle; not matter much; 无伤大雅

    discredit one's country 有伤国体



  1. 伤口用绷带包扎着。
    The wound was bound up by bandage.
  2. 伤口渐渐愈合。
    The wound gradually scarred over.
  3. 这名士兵胸部受了重伤。
    The soldier received a serious wound on the chest.
  4. 伤口仍在渗血。
    Blood was still oozing from the wound.
  5. 他的伤口在溃烂。
    His wound became festering.
  6. 护士在他的伤口上敷了一块干净的纱布垫。
    The nurse put a clean pad of cotton over his wound.
  7. 药物治疗和休息会使你的伤口很快愈合。
    The medicine and rest will soon heal your wound.
  8. 伤痛使他无法入睡。
    The smart of his wound kept him awake.


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