• - (合;符合) correspond to; be close to:

    not correspond to reality; unrealistic; impractical; 不切实际

    The translation does not quite correspond to the original. 译文不切原意。

    - (用在反切后头,表示前两个字是注音用的反切)见 “反切” [fǎn qiè]
  • - (急切; 殷切) eager; anxious:

    eager to study; 学习心切

    He was so anxious to return home that he had booked a train ticket before the vacation began. 他回家心切,还没放暑假就买好了火车票。

  • - (切实; 务必) be sure to:

    One should never be presumptuous and opinionated. 切不可自以为是。

    Be sure not to delay. 切勿迟延。

  • - (用刀把物品分开) cut; slice:

    cut up vegetables; 切菜

    cut into halves; cut in two; 切成两半

  • - {数} tangency



  1. 他用一把钝刀子切肉。
    He cut the meat with a blunt knife.
  2. 用一把这么钝的刀子切菠萝是不可能的。
    It's impossible to cut a pineapple with such a dull knife.
  3. 他用一把刀子将苹果切开。
    He cleaved an apple with a knife.
  4. 请把蔬菜切成碎末。
    Please cut up the vegetables very fine.
  5. 他切菜时不小心割破了手指。
    He sliced his finger by accident when cutting vegetables.
  6. 他把小牛肉切成肉块。
    He cut the veal into cutlets.
  7. 把面包切成小片,然后给我两片。
    Cut the bread into small rounds and give me two.


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