• - (人或竖立的东西横躺下来) fall; topple:

    fall over; 摔倒

    topple down to the ground; 倒在地上

    - (事业失败; 垮台) collapse; fail:

    That factory has gone bankrupt. 那家工厂倒了。

    The cabinet collapsed. 内阁倒了。

    - (嗓子变低或变哑) (of voice) become hoarse:

    He has lost his voice. 他的嗓子倒了。

    - (转移; 转换) change; exchange:

    shift a burden from one shoulder to the other; 倒肩

    Will you change seats with me? 你愿意和我倒一下座位吗?

    - (腾挪) move around:

    There is no room to move around. 地方太小,倒不开身。

    - (出倒) offer (house, shop) for sale
    - (打倒) down with; down:

    down with the cabinet 倒阁



  1. 别把热水倒进玻璃杯里,不然它会炸的。
    Don't pour hot water into the glass or it will crack.
  2. 再给你倒杯茶好吗?
    Can I pour you another cup of tea?
  3. 他向高脚酒杯里倒了一些葡萄酒。
    He poured some wine into the goblet.
  4. 她向那个陶罐里倒了些水。
    She poured some water into the earthenware jug.
  5. 倒果汁前,先把瓶子摇几下。
    Give the bottle a couple of shakes before pouring the juice.
  6. 椅子被倒置过来放在了桌子上。
    The chairs were inverted on the table.
  7. 他很倒霉,在考试当天生病了。
    He had the misfortune to fall ill on the day of the examination.
  8. 树快要倒下时,那个人喊道“避开!”。
    "Timber" the man shouted as the tree was about to fall.


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