• - (向着同一个方向) in the same direction as; with:

    go downstream; 顺流而下

    clockwise 顺时针方向

    - (依着自然情势; 沿着) along; in the direction of:

    go up the mountain along the path; 顺小道上山

    Water runs along the channel to the fields. 水顺着渠道流进田地里。

  • - (有条理) clear and well-written:

    This essay is grammatically smooth and readable. 这篇作文写得还顺。

    - (依次) in sequence:

    These are serial numbers. 这些号码是一顺的。

  • - (使有条理次序) arrange; put in order:

    Set the boat in order. 把船顺过来。

    This essay needs polishing. 这篇文章还得顺一顺。

    - (适合;如意) be suitable; be agreeable:

    not fall in with his wishes 不顺他的意

    - (趁便) take the opportunity to:

    I avail myself of this opportunity to renew to you the assurances of my highest consideration. 顺致最崇高的敬意。

    - (顺从) obey; yield to; act in submission to:

    docile and obedient; all obedience; 百依百顺

    We can't always humour the child the way we do. 不能总是顺着孩子。

  • - (姓氏) a surname:

    Shun Ren 顺仁



  1. 我谨祝您一切顺利。
    I'd like to wish you every success.
  2. 小船稳稳地顺著运河突突地航行。
    The boat chugged along the canal.
  3. 我们进展顺利。
    We're getting along swimmingly.
  4. 他顺着山脊走。
    He walked along the mountain ridge.
  5. 做饭的味道顺着走廊飘过来。
    Cooking smells wafted along the hall.
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