• - (商量) discuss; consult:

    discuss with sb. face to face; consult personally; 面商

    consult; talk things over; 协商

  • - (商业) trade; commerce; business:

    engage in trade; be in business; 经商

    have trade relations 通商

    - (商人) merchant; trader; businessman; dealer:

    profiteer; unscrupulous merchant; 奸商

    retailer; 零售商

    - {数} (除法运算的得数) quotient:

    differential quotient 微商

    - {音} (古代五音之一, 相当于简谱的“2”) a note of the ancient Chinese five-tone scale, corresponding to 2 in numbered musical notation
    - (朝代) the Shang Dynasty (c. 16th-11th B.C.)
    - (姓氏) a surname:

    Shang Yang 商鞅



  1. 我得同委托人商量後才能接受你的建议。
    I must consult my prinicipals before agreeing to your proposal.
  2. 在美国,华盛顿是政府所在地,纽约是主要的商业中心。
    In the US, Washington is the seat of government and New York City is the chief seat of commerce.
  3. 我和她商量过我的报告。
    I consulted with her about my report.
  4. 他的智商很高。
    His intelligence quotient is very high.
  5. 我必须同我的委托人磋商后才能就这个问题给你答复。
    I will have to consult my principals before I can give you an answer on that.
  6. 我和朋友商量一件事。
    I consulted with a friend on a matter.
  7. 他事先没有和她商量便作好旅行安排,她对他自作主张很生气。
    She was infuriated by his presumption in making the travel arrangements without first consulting her.
  8. 他们退到另一房间秘密磋商。
    They retired to another room for private consultation.


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