• - (镇守的地方) garrison post:

    strategic post 军事重镇

    - (行政区划单位) town:

    townlet; 小镇

    townsfolk; townsman; 镇民

    - (较大的市集) trading centre:

    market town 集镇

    - (姓氏) a surname:

    Zhen Ping 镇平

  • - (压; 抑制) suppress; press down; keep down:

    keep cough down; 镇咳

    ease pain 镇痛

    - (安定) calm; compose
    - (用武力维持安定) guard; garrison:

    pacify (rebellious district); 镇抚

    assume personal command (of a garrison, etc.) 坐镇

    - (冷却) cool with ice or in cold water:

    cool by ice; 冰镇

    put the watermelon in cold water for a while to chill it 把西瓜放在冷水里镇一镇

  • - (平静) calm; tranquil:

    calm 镇静

    - (表示整个的一段时间) whole:

    the whole day 镇日



  1. 去年这个镇已有十起破产事件。
    Ten bankruptcies were recorded in this town last year.
  2. 政府将派军驻守沿海的城镇。
    The government will garrison the coastal towns.
  3. 空袭几乎把这座城镇夷为平地。
    The bombing raid practically leveled the town.
  4. 这小镇上什么事也没发生过。
    Nothing ever happens in this town.
  5. 我遇到他时,他正往镇上走去。
    He was walking towards town when I met him.
  6. 全镇沉浸在节日的气氛之中。
    The whole town is in a festive mood.
  7. 暴风雨后的洪水冲毁了这座城镇。
    The town was destroyed by the floods after the storm.


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