• - (总括; 汇集) assemble; gather; put together; sum up:

    assemble; collect; gather together; 汇总

    put together; 总合

  • - (全部的; 全面的) general; overall; main; total; all; whole:

    overall planning; 总规划

    the whole or general situation; 总的形势

    - (概括全部的; 为首的; 领导的) general; chief; head; prime:

    general secretary; secretary-general; 总书记

    editor in chief; 总编辑

  • - (一直; 一向) always; consistently; invariably:

    Do you always watch TV in the evening? 你晚上总看电视吗?

    He consistently matches his words with his action. 他总是言行一致的。

    - (毕竟; 总归) anyway; anyhow; after all:

    Better late than never. 迟做总比不做的好。

    Anyhow you must finish this work today. 你今天总要完成这项工作吧。

    - (大约; 至少) at least:

    At least she wouldn't say this to his face. 她总不会当面对他这样讲吧?

    He's been away for at least a week. 他走了总有一个星期吧。



  1. 他总是露出忧郁的表情。
    He always shows a doleful expression.
  2. 这个月的数字已包含在总数之内。
    This month's figures are comprised in the total.
  3. 我们的债务总计为五千美元。
    We have debts totaling 5000 dollars.
  4. 她总是亲切地和孩子们说话。
    She always spoke kindly to the children.
  5. 晚饭后,我总要休息一小时。
    I always rest for an hour after dinner.
  6. 她总穿着黑衣服。
    She always dresses in black.
  7. 他总能和同事们和睦相处。
    He can always get on well with his colleagues.
  8. 把这些数字加起来,告诉我总数是多少。
    Add this numbers together and give me the total.


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