• - (年岁大) aged; old:

    old woman; 老妪

    old farmer; 老农

    - (很久以前就存在的) of long standing; old:

    an old acquaintance; 老相识

    a chronic ailment; an inveterate habit [disease]; 老毛病

    - (陈旧) old; outdated:

    old-fashioned; outmode 老式样

    - (原来的) traditional; old:

    traditional rules; 老规矩

    old stuff 老货

    - (蔬菜长得过了适口的时期) overgrown:

    tough bamboo shoots; 老笋

    overgrown spinach 老菠菜

    - (食物火候大) hardened; tough:

    have it well-done; 炸老一点

    The eggs are overcooked [too tough]. 鸡蛋煮老了。

    - (颜色深) (of colour) dark; deep:

    deep green; 老绿色

    dark red; 老红

    - (排行在末了的) the youngest:

    the youngest son 老儿子

    - (老朽; 无用) decrepit; useless:

    an ultraconservative; 老古板

    a good-for-nothing 老废物

  • - (老年人 ) old people:

    respect the aged and love the young 尊老爱幼

    - (老子的简称) short for Lao Zi -- the founder of Taoism:

    Lao Zi and Zhuang Zi 老庄

    - (姓氏) a surname:

    Lao Ma 老麻

  • - (变老) become old:

    show signs of age year by year 一 年年地见老了

    - (指老人死亡) die:

    My grandfather died yesterday evening. 爷爷昨晚老了。

  • - (长久) long:

    He hasn't been here for a long time. 他老没来。

    I haven't seen you for ages. 老没见你啊。

    - (经常) always (doing sth.):

    He couldn't get his mind off the matter. 他老惦记着这件事。

    She is always talking about her children. 她老念叨着孩子们。

    - (很; 极) very:

    far away; 老远

    very high 老高

    - [前缀] (用于称人、排行次序、某些动、植物名):

    Lao Zhang; 老张

    the third child or brother; 老三



  1. 偶然的相遇使两位老朋友重新聚首。
    A chance meeting brought the two old friends together again.
  2. 这位不是别人,正是我的老朋友约翰。
    This is no other than my old friend, John.
  3. 别相信他,他像老狐狸一样狡猾。
    Don't trust him, he is a sly old fox.
  4. 我有义务去探望年老的姑妈。
    I'm duty bound to visit my old aunt.
  5. 别玩老一套的把戏了!
    Don't play old tricks!
  6. 咱们把这件老掉牙的旧家具扔掉吧。
    Let's get rid of this mouldy old furniture.
  7. 他给我们讲了一个我们都听了很多次的老掉牙的笑话。
    He told us a hoary old joke that we'd all heard many times before.


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