1. 他把派克大衣兜帽两边都绑得紧紧的来挡住雪。
    He held both sides of the parka hood closed against the snow.
  2. 我会陪在你身边,就象我答应你的那样。
    I will be at your side, as I promised you.
  3. 她躺在池子边上,用手指玩水。
    She lay at the side of the pool and paddled in the water with her fingers.
  4. 我们很难观察月亮的另一边。
    The far side of the moon is difficult for us to observe.
  5. 小男孩喜欢在书页空白边上做笔记。
    The little boy likes to make notes in the margin of books.
  6. 边上打了一个漂亮的红勾。
    There was a nice red tick in the margin.
  7. 正方形有四条边,而圆形没有边。
    A square has four sides but a circle has no sides.
  8. 我丢了一块带蓝色花边的白手绢。
    I lost a white handkerchief with a blue border.


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