• - (外面;外表) outside; surface; external:

    only have a handsome look; 徒有虚表

    handsome looks; 仪表不凡

    - (中表亲戚) the relationship between the children or grandchildren of a brother and a sister or of sisters:

    first cousin 大老表

    - (榜样;模范) example; model:

    representative 代表

    - (古代文体奏章) memorial to an emperor in ancient times:

    memorial to the throne 表奏

    - (表格) chart; form; graph; list; table:

    general chart; 一览表

    registration form; 登记表

    - (测量器具) gauge; meter:

    power meter; 电表

    barometer 气压表

    - (计时器具) watch:

    clock and watch; 钟表

    wrist watch; 手表

    - (姓氏) a surname:

    Biao Gong 表贡

  • - (显示; 表示; 表达) show; manifest; express:

    so as to express one's appreciation; as a token of one's gratitude; 聊表微意

    show deep sympathy; 深表同情

    - {中医} (用药物把风寒发散出来) administer medicine to bring out the cold:

    bring about perspiration 表汗



  1. 他总是露出忧郁的表情。
    He always shows a doleful expression.
  2. 她戴着结婚戒指,表示她已结婚。
    She wears a wedding ring to show that she's married.
  3. 在外表上她保持着平静,但实际上她生气极了。
    She maintained a calm exterior, though really she was furious.
  4. 苍蝇的脚借吸力可附着于物体表面上。
    Flies' feet stick to surfaces by suction.
  5. 在喷涂主漆前,应在物品的表面刷一层底漆。
    A coat of primer should be made over the bare surface before the main painting.
  6. 科学家们正设法绘制月球表面图。
    Scientists are trying to map the surface of the moon.
  7. 文静的外表掩盖着的是一个火暴脾气的人。
    Beneath that apparently calm surface is a man of fierce temper.
  8. 这件家具的木头表面上布满了斜纹。
    The wood surface of the furniture is full of diagonal stripes.
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