• - (爬行) crawl; creep:

    The prisoner crawled through a hole and escaped. 犯人从一个洞里爬出去逃跑了。

    The snake has crawled into a hole. 那条蛇爬进洞里。

    - (抓着东西往上去; 攀登) climb; clamber; scramble:

    climb a mountain [rope; tree]; 爬山[绳; 树]

    The wall is covered all over with ivy. 墙上爬满了常春藤。

  • - (姓氏) a surname:

    Pa Xing 爬兴



  1. 有些人在爬高山时会发生高山反应。
    Some people develop altitude sickness when climbing high mountains.
  2. 想在这样大的暴风雪中去爬山简直是疯狂。
    It would be madness to try to climb the mountain in such a snowstorm.
  3. 我建议刚开始爬山的人使用拐杖。
    When climbing a mountain I advise beginners to use a staff.
  4. 我们爬上小丘的顶端,由此可以俯瞰城市。
    We climbed to the top of the small elevation, from which we could look at the town.
  5. 开出鲜艳花朵的爬藤植物瀑布般悬挂在花园墙上。
    Climbing plants with their bright flowers hung in cascades over the garden wall.
  6. 每个星期天我们都去爬山。
    We go to climb mountains every Sunday.
  7. 他们通过一条小路爬到山上。
    They climbed up the mountain through a defile.
  8. 他由于忘了带钥匙,便以简单的应急办法从窗户爬进屋里。
    As he had forgot his keys, he got into the house by the simple expedient of climbing through the window.
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