• - (往上托; 往上伸) lift; raise; hold up:

    hold high the red banner; 高举红旗

    raise one's glass (to propose a toast); 举杯

    - (兴起; 起) start:

    rise in revolt 举义

    - (生孩子) give birth to:

    give birth to a girl 举一女

    - (推选; 选举) elect; choose:

    choose him as representative 公举他当代表

    - (提出) cite; enumerate:

    I can cite quite a few instances to illustrate. 我可以举出好几件事来说明。

  • - (行动; 动作) act; deed; move:

    make an unnecessary move; 多此一举

    good deed; 善举

    - (姓氏) a surname:

    Ju B 举伯

  • - (全) all; whole; entire:

    the entire family; 举家

    all those present 举座



  1. 会议每年举行一次。
    The meeting is held yearly.
  2. 有关环境的会议将在下周一举行。
    The convocation about environment will be held on next Monday.
  3. 我们每年举行一次大学校友联欢会。
    We hold an annual reunion of former students of the college.
  4. 铁路模型展销会将于星期五举行。
    A model railway mart will be held on Friday.
  5. 这种会议将每年举行一次。
    The meeting will be held annually.
  6. 在伦敦和纽约同时举行示威游行。
    The simultaneous demonstrations are held in London and New York.
  7. 她举起一根手指放在唇边,示意肃静。
    She raised her finger to her lips as a sign for silence.


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