• - (更加) more; still more; even more:

    much colder; 更冷了

    even more difficult; 更难

    - (再,又) further; still further; furthermore:

    go a step further; 更进一步

    what is more 更有甚者

  • - (改变; 改换) change; replace:

    make changes in; 变更

    replace the old with the new; 除旧更新

    - (经历) experience:

    young and inexperienced 少不更事

  • - (旧时一夜分成五更,每更大约两小时) one of the five two-hour periods into which the night was formerly divided; watch:

    in the dead of night; 半夜三更

    day break; 鸡鸣五更

    - (姓氏) a surname:

    Geng Ying 更赢



  1. 我们必须征募更多士兵。
    We must enlist more men.
  2. 我们需要一个更为灵活的外交政策。
    We need a foreign policy that is more flexible.
  3. 我认为他是更合适的人选。
    In my estimation, he's the more suitable candidate.
  4. 陶器的优点在于比木器更容易保持清洁。
    Earthenware has an advantage over wood in being more easily kept clean.
  5. 我希望他来信更勤些。
    I wish he would write more often.
  6. 他的病较医生原来以为的更严重。
    His illness was more serious than the doctor first thought.
  7. 我们大家比以往更需要努力工作。
    It is more necessary than ever for all of us to work hard.
  8. 我喜欢唱歌,更不用说听音乐了。
    I enjoy singing, much more listening to music.


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