• - (表示重复或继续):

    read again and again; 读了又读

    year after year; 一年又一年

    - (表示几种情况或性质同时存在):

    cheap but good; 又便宜又好

    After a summer here the poorest sheep and cattle grow strong and fat. 经过一个夏天,连最差的牛羊在这里也长得又肥又壮了。

    - (表示意思上更进一层):

    On top of it being dark, it rained, which made the going even tougher. 天很黑,又下着雨,路更难走了。

    - (表示 在某个范围之外有所补充):

    In addition to the tractor, we have acquired a new rice transplanter. 除了拖拉机,我们又添了一台插秧机。

    The doctor felt my pulse and looked down my throat. 大夫摸了摸我的脉,又瞧了瞧我的嗓子。

    - (表示整数之外再加零数):

    one and a half 一又二分之一

    - (表示有矛盾的两件事情):

    She couldn't make up her mind whether to go or not. 她又想去,又不想去,拿不定主意。

    - (表示转折,有“可是”的意思):

    He was about to speak. Again he checked himself. 他想说话又忍住了。

    I'd like to go, but I'm not sure if I can find the time. 我想去,又怕没时间。

    - (用在否定句或反问句里,加强语气):

    I'm not a stranger here, why all these ceremonies 我又不是外人,何必客气。

    That's not a hard job. I'm sure I can manage it myself. 这活儿又不重我一个人顶得下来。



  1. 他刚刚到达就不得不又离开。
    Scarcely had he arrived when he had to leave again.
  2. 他们又提高了汽油的价格。
    They have increased the price of petrol again.
  3. 这三个学生又逃学了。
    These three students played truant again.
  4. 送小孩上学的重担又推给了我!
    I got saddled with taking the children to school again!
  5. 我们很高兴又踏上陆地了。
    We are glad to be on land again.
  6. 他们又吵起来了。
    They are rowing again.
  7. 汤姆又不辞而别了。
    Tom has hived off again.
  8. 他拉长着脸进来说,又下雨了。
    He came in with a face as long as a fiddle and said it was raining again.


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