• - (改变) change; transform:

    change one's mind; 改了主意

    transform barren hills into orchards; 改荒山为果园

    - (修改) revise; alter; modify:

    amend and correct; 删改

    comment on and correct; 批改

    - (改正) rectify; correct:

    thoroughly rectify one's errors; 痛改前非

    correct mistakes 改错

    - (改换,后接动词) switch over to (doing sth. else):

    switch over to growing rice; 改种水稻

    You'll have to change to the trolleybus next stop. 你下一站得改乘无轨电车。

  • - (姓氏) a surname:

    Gai Chan 改产



  1. 他说服女儿改变主意。
    He persuaded his daughter to change her mind.
  2. 建议肥胖病人改变饮食。
    Obese patients are advised to change their diet.
  3. 万一下雨的话,我们也许得改变计画。
    If the day turns out wet we may have to change our plans.
  4. 他一定会改变主意。
    He was surely about to change his mind.
  5. 他有一种要改造世界的空想。
    He has some abstract (ie vague, impractical) notion of wanting to change the world.
  6. 这次经验有助于帮助她改变社会意识。
    This experience helped to change her social consciousness.
  7. 你现在改变主意已经太迟了,所以为此而伤心落泪是毫无用处的。
    It's too late to change your mind now; so there is no point in shedding tears.
  8. 最近的事件或许可以作为迫使政府改变政策所需的手段。
    This latest incident may be the lever needed to change government policy.


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