• - (套子) cover; case; sheath:

    sleeves; 袖套

    gloves; 手套

    - (河流或山势的弯曲处) a bend of a river or a curve in a mountain range:

    the bend of a river; the Great Bend of the Huanghe River 河套

    - (棉衣、棉被里的棉絮) cotton padding or wadding; batting:

    jacket padding; 袄套

    bedding sack; 褥套

    - (拴牲口的挽绳) harness; traces:

    harness for a cart; 大车套

    pull a plough or cart; 拉套

    - (用绳子等结成的环状物) knot; loop:

    fast knot; 死套儿

    slipknot; running knot; 活套儿

    - (应酬的话; 陈陈相因的办法) convention; formula:

    convention; conventional pattern; formality; 俗套

    polite remarks; routine compliments; 客套

    - (阴谋) trick; trap; noose:

    trap; noose; 圈套

    fall into a trap 落入套中

  • - (互相衔接或重叠) overlap; interlink:

    interlink two rings; 套接两个环

    one ring linked with another -- a closely linked succession 一环套一环

    - (罩在外面) slip over:

    cover the bed with the counterpane or bedspread; 套上床罩

    slip on an outer garment 套上一件外套

    - (把棉胎和被褥或袄缝合) sew a padding [wadding] into a jacket or a quilt
    - (用套拴系) harness; hitch up:

    hitch a horse to a waggon; 把马套上车

    I'll go and harness the beast. 我去套牲口。

    - (模仿) model after [on]; copy:

    apply or copy mechanically; 生搬硬套

    copy model 套样

    - (引出; 诱出) trick into talking; coax a secret out of sb.; pump out:

    trick an accused into confession or admitting details; trap a suspect into admitting his guilt; 套口供

    Let's try to draw the secret out of him. 让我们想法儿套他的话。

    - (拉拢) bring close to; try to win:

    cotton up to; become close to sb.; 套近乎

    try to get in good with sb. 套交情

    - (用丝锥或板牙切削螺纹) turn or cut thread (of a screw)
  • - (罩在外面的) over; outer:

    overshoes 套鞋

  • - (用于成组的事物) set; suit; suite; series:

    a set of furniture; 一套家具

    a suit of sails; 一套篷帆



  1. 这套红木家具一定非常昂贵。
    This set of mahogany furniture must be very expensive.
  2. 他们把那栋房屋分成许多套住房。
    They divided the house into flats.
  3. 他穿着一套黑西装。
    He is wearing a black suit.
  4. 他给了我另配了一套他房子的钥匙。
    He gave me a duplicate key of his house.
  5. 生日那天,我收到一套园艺工具。
    I received a set of gardening tools on my birthday.
  6. 印花棉布能被用来做家俱套和窗帘。
    Cretonne can be used for furniture covers and curtains.
  7. 这套水晶玻璃酒杯非常昂贵。
    This set of crystal wine cups is very expensive.
  8. 这套古瓷器非常珍贵。
    This set of ancient china is invaluable.


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