• - (特殊; 超出一般) particular; special; exceptional; unusual:

    special supply; 特供

    peculiar; quaint; 奇特

  • - (特别) especially; very:

    It has been especially hot this summer. 今年夏天特别热。

    That doctor is very good at giving needle treatment. 这个医生扎针特灵。

    - (特地) for a special purpose; specially:

    I came here specially to see you. 特为看你而来。

  • - (指特务) special or secret agent; spy:

    bandit and spy; 匪特

    enemy agent; 敌特

    - (公牛) bull
    - (三岁的兽) three-year old beast
    - (配偶) spouse
    - (姓氏) a surname:

    Te Gong 特宫

  • - (只; 但) but; only; except that:

    only a momentary oversight; 特一时失检

    not only that 不特如此



  1. 我只在特殊场合穿高跟鞋。
    I only wear high heels on special occasions.
  2. 我们可以根据你的特殊需要设计保险单。
    We can tailor the insurance policy according to your special needs.
  3. 宇航员有特殊的呼吸装置。
    The astronauts have special breathing apparatus.
  4. 史密斯教授曾做过总统的特别顾问。
    Professor Smith served as special adviser to the President.
  5. 这机器是为水下使用而特别改装的。
    This machine has been specially adapted for use underwater.
  6. 我们给了那个国家特殊的贸易优惠。
    We've granted that country special trade preferences.
  7. 她是我一个特别亲密的朋友。
    She is a special friend of mine.
  8. 我只在特殊场合才打领带。
    I only wear a tie on special occasions.


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