• - (送出; 交付) send out; give out; distribute; deliver; issue:

    give out; distribute; 分[颁]发

    send a telegram; 发电报

    - (发射) launch; discharge; shoot; emit:

    discharge a shot from a gun; 发炮

    shoot with unfailing accuracy; 百发百中

    - (产生; 发生) produce; generate; come [bring] into existence:

    generate electricity; 发电

    sprout; 发芽

    - (表达) express; utter:

    give out orders; 发命令

    Three comrades spoke at the meeting. 有三个同志在会上发了言。

    - (扩大; 开展) expand; develop:

    develop; carry on; 发扬

    grow; develop 发育

    - (因得财物而兴旺) flourish:

    build up a family fortune; 发家

    suddenly become rich or important 暴发

    - (食物因发酵或水浸而膨胀) (of foodstuffs) rise or expand when fermented or soaked:

    leaven dough; 发面

    raise bean sprouts; sprout beans; 发豆芽

    - (放散; 散开) spread out; disperse; diffuse:

    volatilize; 挥发

    evaporate; 蒸发

    - (揭露; 打开) expose; open up; discover:

    expose; 揭发

    open up; 开发

    - (因变化而显现、散发) become; turn; get into a certain state:

    turn yellow; 发黄

    become mildewed; 发霉

    - (流露感情) show one's feeling:

    laugh; 发笑

    get [become] angry; 发脾气

    - (感到) feel; have a feeling:

    feel lazy; 发懒

    have a fever; 发热

    - (起程) start; set out:

    start off; set out; 出发

    set off in the morning and arrive in the evening; 朝发夕至

    - (开始行动; 引起行动) begin an undertaking; cause to do:

    rouse [exert] oneself 奋发

  • - (颗,用于枪弹、炮弹):

    a bullet; 一发子弹

    about one hundred shells 上百发炮弹

  • - (姓氏) a surname:

    Fa Gen 发根



  1. 发展的主要障碍是这个国家人口太多。
    The main impediment to development is the country's large population.
  2. 贸易促进工业发展。
    Trade helps industry to develop.
  3. 我的头发长得很长了。
    My hair has grown very long.
  4. 微风轻拂着她的头发。
    The wind kissed her hair.
  5. 她身材苗条,有一头长长的黑发。
    She was slender and had long dark hair.
  6. 别扯我的头发!
    Don't pull my hair!
  7. 那位老人头发花白。
    The old man has hoar hair.


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