• - (抵触; 违犯) go against; offend; violate:

    offend; violate; 冒犯

    offend a person's sensitivity; touch a person's sore spot 犯忌讳

    - (侵犯) attack; violate; work against:

    We will not attack unless we are attacked; if we are attacked, we will certainly counterattack. 人不犯我,我不犯人; 人若犯我,我必犯人。

    - (发作; 发生) flare up; have a recurrence of; revert to:

    have another heart attack; 心脏病又犯了

    get angry; 犯脾气

  • - (罪犯) criminal:

    murderer; 杀人犯

    thief; 盗窃犯



  1. 他们侵犯了她的权力。
    They infringed on her rights.
  2. 一个人不能犯了罪不受惩罚。
    One cannot commit crimes with impunity.
  3. 他们已犯了叛国罪。
    They have committed treason against the state.
  4. 他已在附近犯下了好几起抢劫案。
    He had committed several robberies in the neighborhood.
  5. 我们永远都不应该忘记日本侵略者犯下的暴行。
    We should never forget the outrage committed by the Japanese invaders.
  6. 北约对这个独立的国家的侵略是对人权的野蛮侵犯。
    NATO's invasion of this independent country is a brutal violation of human rights.
  7. 有些罪犯被释放后有可能重新犯罪。
    Some criminals are likely to offend again when they are released.
  8. 我不是故意冒犯你。
    I didn't mean to offend you.
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