• - (面向南时靠西的一边) the right side; the right:

    keep to the right; 靠右走

    turn to the right 向右拐弯

    - (西) west:

    areas west of the Taihang Mountains, specifically Shanxi Province 山右

    - (地位居上; 上) the right side as the side of precedence:

    second to none 无出其右

    - (姓氏) a surname:

    You Gongb 右公弼

  • - (保守的;反动的) the Right:

    too far to the Right in thinking; 思想太右

    views of a Rightist tendenc 右倾观点

  • - (崇尚) favour; uphold:

    (of a ruler) patronize literature and the arts 右文



  1. 顺着这条大路走,在路的分岔口向右拐。
    Follow the main road until it branches, and then turn to the right.
  2. 大多数人的右手是优势手。
    The right hand is dominant in most people.
  3. 她的右手上戴着一枚镶有绿宝石的戒指。
    She wears a ring set with emeralds on her right hand.
  4. 汽车突然向右转。
    The car swerved to the right.
  5. 如果要避开市中心,请从这里向右转弯。
    To avoid the city center, turn right here.
  6. 你可以拧电视上右边的旋钮把它打开。
    You may turn the right knob on the TV to switch it on.
  7. 大多数手写体都向右斜。
    Most handwriting slants to the right.


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