• - (硬; 坚强) hard; rigid; firm; unyielding; strong; indomitable:

    full of sap; 血气方刚

    The soft can overcome the hard. 柔能克刚。

  • - (姓氏) a surname:

    Gang Bing 刚冰

  • - (恰好) just; exactly:

    fit perfectly 刚合适

    - (表示勉强达到某种程度; 仅仅) barely; only just:

    be barely of age; 刚成年

    be only just in time; 刚赶趟儿

    - (表示行动或情况发生在不久以前) only a short while ago; just:

    has just left here; 刚刚离开这儿

    have just arrived; 刚到

    - (用“就”字呼应,表示两件事紧接) as soon as; just; only at this moment; it so happened that:

    He came just as the bus was about to leave. 汽车刚要开他就赶来了。

    I had hardly come into the room when it began to rain. 我刚进屋就下雨了。



  1. 金刚砂是非常坚硬的金属物质。
    The emery is a hard metallic substance.
  2. 老师要求学生们复述他们刚读的故事。
    The teacher asked the students to retell the story they just read.
  3. 我刚好及时到会,才算没受责备。
    I saved my bacon by arriving just in time for the meeting.
  4. 他们来得很不是时候,我们刚开始吃饭。
    They arrived at an inconvenient time ---we had just started the meal.
  5. 他刚才在家。
    He was at home just now.
  6. 你刚才指的是什么?
    What were you alluding to just now?
  7. 它刚出版了第七版。
    It has just entered the seventh edition.
  8. 我刚才把你的一个瓷器装饰品弄掉了。
    I've just dropped one of your china ornamental.


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