• - (事情) matter; affair, thing; business:

    turn a bad thing into a good one; 把坏事变成好事

    public affairs; official business [duties]; 公事

    - (事故) trouble; accident:

    have an accident; 出事

    make trouble; stir up trouble; 惹事

    - (职业; 工作) job; work:

    look for a job; 找事

    We should all share the work. 有事大家做。

    - (关系或责任) responsibility; involvement:

    Please go back; there is nothing of your concern now. 请回去吧,没有你的事了。

    He was involved in the case,too. 这件案子里还有他的事呢。

  • - (侍奉) wait upon; serve:

    wait upon one's parents 事父母

    - (从事) be engaged in:

    lead an idle life; 不事生产

    doing nothing; loafing 无所事事



  1. 他们如果还顾及人的生命就不会做出这样可怕的事来。
    If they had any respect for human life they wouldn't do such terrible things.
  2. 那是我听到的最愚蠢的事!
    That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard!
  3. 这是常有的事。
    These things happen all the time.
  4. 知道是一回事,教又是另一回事。(学者未必是良师。)
    To know is one thing; to teach is quite another.
  5. 说是一回事,做又是另一回事。
    Saying is one thing, and doing is another.
  6. 这些年,他干了许多可耻的事情。
    He has done many dishonorable things these years
  7. 别管闲事!
    Mind your own affairs!


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