• - (遗失) lose; mislay; be missing:

    I mislaid my English textbook. 我不知把英语课本丢在哪儿了。

    I've lost my purse. 我的钱包丢了。

    - (扔) throw; cast; toss:

    throw the paper away into the wastebasket; 把纸丢进废纸篓

    let sth. pass out of one's mind; clean forget; completely ignore; 丢在脑后

    - (搁置; 放) put [lay] aside:

    I haven't used my French for years and have forgotten almost all of it. 我的法语丢了好几年了,都忘得差不多了。

    That's the one thing that keeps worrying me.; That's my only worry. 只有这件事丢不开。

    - (留下) leave(behind):

    leave the child to the nurse; 把孩子丢给保姆

    Take care not to leave anything behind. 当心别丢下东西。



  1. 真不幸,上午我的自行车丢了,下午钱包又被偷了!
    It's luckless, I lost my bicycle in the morning and my wallet was stolen in the afternoon!
  2. 我在晚会上丢失了水晶项链。
    I lost my crystal necklace at the party.
  3. 糟糕!我把伞丢了。
    Damnation! I've lost my umbrella.
  4. 他在穿越沙漠的时候丢失了他的旅行袋。
    He lost his travelling bag when he crossed the desert.
  5. 那个学生昨天丢了书。
    That student lost his book yesterday.
  6. 警察在一口废弃的井里找到了丢失的财宝。
    The police found the lost treasure in an abandoned well.
  7. 我丢了一块带蓝色花边的白手绢。
    I lost a white handkerchief with a blue border.
  8. 我昨天丢了钱包。
    I lost my wallet yesterday.


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