value sense

  • 价值意义

value sense的用法和样例:


  1. The consumptive group of young now generation, value sense and lifestyle and father generation are disparate.
  2. Value sense of the person is sufferring the effect of not coetaneous socioeconomy, politics and culture.
  3. Facing various and complicated value sense, the leading value sense must be endowed with epoch connotation and new-style collectivism should be constructed.
  4. Below this kind of circumstance, rely on half amenorrhoea aid only to the outer world open the value sense that will change people and behavior mode.
  5. Intellectual economy is deep and extensive to the influence of human production means, be sure to refract the gigantic about-face that is means of human value sense, thinking.
    知识经济对人类生产方式的影响是深刻而广泛的 ,必将折射为人类价值观念、思维方式的巨大转变。
  6. Starting with the influence of the library value sense on the library development, this article expounds and propagates the significance of the library value sense construction.
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