stress rate

  • 应力速度

stress rate的用法和样例:


  1. The result shows that when the damping coefficients are smaller, the stress rate decreases faster and EDR becomes higher, and vice verse.
  2. The test showed that the result of bending strength using dislocation rate loading is identical to the result using stress rate leading.
  3. Considering the judgment of dynamic instability of truss structures, a stress rate method for dynamic instability analysis of truss structures was proposed.
  4. Matlock model has been modified properly according to the function of sea ice strength and stress rate, in order to reflect the characteristics of ice induced vibration and to be applicable to the dynamic analyses of both rigid and flexible structures.
  5. The phenomenon of room temperature creep(RTC) deformation and its effect on subsequent flow stress under various loading stress rate(Lsr) and loading process in a X70 pipeline steel were studied.
  6. Results: The content validity index (CVI) of the 32 -item stress rating scale was 0.92.
    结果 :本压力量表共32题内容效度指标0.;92;
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