use fee

  • [经] 使用费

use fee的用法和样例:


  1. When collecting the land use certificate, a wholly foreign-owned enterprise shall pay the land use fee to the local land administration authority.
  2. Guangdong saves hall of office of land natural resources to grow Lin Haokun to divulge, guangdong general leaves to having the person of many flatlet ask for land to use fee.
  3. Foreign individuals, FIEs and FEs who are not subject the land tax within the scope of URET should be charged with Land Use Fee.
  4. Enterprises are free of charge of the Land Use Fee during the construction period and enjoy deferral of the fixed assets investment adjustment tax.
  5. XIII). Foreign-funded enterprises which have obtained the right for land use through transfer shall no longer pay land use fee.
  6. If a site use fee is being contributed as an investment by a Chinese venturer, it shall not be adjusted during the term of the contract.
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