stress drops

  • 应力降

stress drops的用法和样例:


  1. It connects with the local magnitude and does not clearly relate with stress drops of mid-small earthquakes that the range is from 0.02 MPa to 3.2 MPa in this area.
    该地区中小地震的应力降在0 02到3 2MPa之间,未显示与地震的规模(地震矩)有明显的依赖关系。
  2. The stress drop and acoustic emission change sharply before and after the burst in the bo...
  3. Base on it, we track the time and space change of stress drop in research region, and disscuss the evolvement characteristics of time and space of stress drop before Jun. 2004.
  4. The stress drops vary in the range from 0.01 MPa to 10 MPa and are concentrated mainly between 0.1 MPa and 1 MPa, so 1 MPa and more have been taken as high stress drop for evaluating the tectonic stress accumulation in this region.
  5. the source stress drop parameters
  6. Stress can be the undoing of so many fine players.
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