practice set

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practice set的用法和样例:


  1. That spring I’d suffered a terrible accident while playing a practice set in Rome.Racing to the net to return a drop shot, I slipped and flew headfirst into the steel net post.
    今年春天我在罗马练习时受了伤, 在冲向球网接一个短球时,脚一滑,一头撞倒了架网的柱子上。
  2. Dialectics that is based on human practice sets up limits and transcends them.
  3. Code of practice set for pig farms
  4. In addition, our practice of Best Management Practices set a solid platform for duplication of expertise, skill and systems into Elken Hong Kong and all country where Elken operates.
    另外,最佳管理模式的实践做就了一个为复制专门技术, 技巧和系统进入香港与在其他国家营运的爱康的坚稳平台。
  5. METHODS: This was a prospectie examination of 8277 colonoscopies at a single endoscopy center in a priate practice setting.
  6. In the family practice setting, clinicians often have to treat children who have ingested substances, most of which are nontoxic.
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