note card

  • ph. 【美】便信

note card的用法和样例:


  1. Mom took out a box with real things in it, a baseball bat, a bullhorn and a note card.
  2. Mon brought out a box.There were real thing in it, a real baseball bat, a real bullhorn and a note card.
  3. I could type an outline of your speech on note cards if you would like.
  4. I admired his frugality-Rick would sew up the holes in his socks rather than buy new ones, keep cars until they fell apart ( we still have the 1975 Camaro he drove on our first date ) and fill up every square millimeter of a note card.
  5. We will be producing and distributing a photostory book, note cards and calendars in Beijing, Shanghai, Yangshuo, New York City, Washington D.C., and San Francisco.
  6. It depends on the speech. An important keynote or eulogy might be written out word for word. An informal presentation to employees can be outlined on note cards.
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