loop track

  • 环形线路

loop track的用法和样例:


  1. You may choose the way of playing the list: Play track, Play list, Loop track, Loop playlist, Randomize.
    您可以选择演奏名单方式: 演奏轨道,戏剧名单,圈轨道,圈播放表,随机化。
  2. The First High Speed Test Loop Track in China
  3. This Thesis presents a CDR architecture which has dual loop tracking path to achieve better jitter performance.
  4. The high speed welding technology of large-sized wire MAG is used. The DCS (distributed control system) consisted of profibus-dp is used as electric control system. Laser close loop track system is used for weld tracking and mismatch detect.
    焊接采用粗丝MAG高速焊工艺 ,电控采用 profibus -dp现场总线构成的分布式控制系统 ,焊缝跟踪及错边检测采用激光闭环跟踪系统。
  5. Our pilotless rocket enters the track of the earth.
  6. The news of their marriage knocked me for a loop.
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