goal seek

  • n. 单变量求解

goal seek的用法和样例:


  1. When goal seeking (goal seek: A method to find a specific value for a cell by adjusting the value of one other cell.
  2. It also describes feasibility of permissive hypercapnia ventilation and top limit of carbonemia.It emphasises that hypercapnia is not the final goal seeked by ventilation.
  3. Academism and professionalism are two values pursued in the higher education, and the integration of both is a goal sought after the development of teachers' specialization.
  4. Let him seek peace and ensue it!
  5. It shows the decision maker how to use the methods of dialogs in various styles supported by IFPS/personal, for example, the what-if, sensitivity analysis,goal seeking to help them select a better decision.
    介绍了决策者怎样使用IFPS/Personal支持的多种风格的对话方法.;如what if、灵敏度分析和目标追求来选择更好的决策。
  6. Finally he shows a feature of indifference, loneness, vacancy and non-action that a man of perfect practice should possess, and the said feature is the important goal sought by a man of practice.
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