double positive

  • 双阴性

double positive的用法和样例:


  1. ObjectiveTo investigate the effects of Bccillus Calmette Guerin(BCG)vaccine on anti-tuberculosis and CD4+CD8+ double positive(DP)T lymphocytes.
  2. Bythis mcthod, a large number of CIK cells with double positive CD3CD56,CD3,CD54,CD83HLA-DR,CD28,CD54and CDl la,HLA-DR,CD28cells can be generated.
    结果:CIK细胞高表达CD_3、CD_(54)、CD_(11a); 中度表达CD_3CD_(56)、HLA-DR、CD_(28)、CD_(54)、CD_(83)、CD_(28);
  3. It had important meaning to use double positive pressure no hurt ventilate to treat COPD, and heighten patients s live quality.
  4. CD25 expression of T lymphocytes appeared to be lower in MLC-MSC than in ctrl-MLC. But the CD4~+ CD25~+ double positive cells were evidently increased versus control cultures without MSC.
  5. Survival rate in group of double positive of CatB and FasL expression was lower than that in the group of double negative, and the group of single positive of CatB or FasL expression.
  6. Results The cases of positive gallbladder mucosa and choledochus bile were 13 (27.1%) and 31(64.6%) respectively.The cases of double positivity were 12 (25.0%).

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