double arc

  • 双弧

double arc的用法和样例:


  1. This paper analyses and calculates the geometric parameters of the double arc ball slide.
  2. As a welding method of high efficiency and low energy consumption, double arc welding has a favorable foreground in the practical production.
  3. A grinding wheel dressing device is introduced,which is used in the vertical CNC grinder to grind double arc raceway of rotary support bearings.
  4. According to the analsysis of horizontal well's trajectory, this article introduced nine kind of horizontul profiles, such as single arc, double arc and so on.
  5. The Circular -Arc-Tooth-Trace gear with double arc flank profile has the tooth trace of CATT gear and the tooth flanks profile of double circular arc gear, therefore the gear is convex-concave engaging in both flank profile and tooth trace.
  6. The numerical results show that the double arc transition form can make different cylinder shells eliminate stress concentration at two ends and amend stress distribution of changeover portion.
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