coal thickness

  • 煤厚

coal thickness的用法和样例:


  1. The theoretical semi-variogram model of coal thick No.17 is establ...
  2. Based on this mathematical characteristic, new evaluation and prediction method for the change of coal thickness was studied and analyzed.
  3. The methods and principles of measuring coal thickness by resistivity method along a horizontal borehole in coal sean are presented. Several sorts of geologic electrical models are forward simulated by using linear numerical filter.
  4. Acc ording to the validation result ,it is proved true of the 3D high precision expl anation that the variation of coal thickness is mainly controlled by the ancient sedimentary environmen...
  5. After integra ted interpretation of the hole core, well-logging and 3D data, it is found out why the variation of coal thickness in Hole T4 and the trend of coal thickness in this region.
  6. Many modelling results have showed that the resistivity curves reflect obviously the variation of coal thickness,which are enabled to measure the coal seam with the thickness mors than 0 8m.

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