coal basin

  • 煤盆地,煤田

coal basin的用法和样例:


  1. There are many coal beds and various coal ranksni Jixi basin, which is a Mesozoic and cenozoic coal basin.
  2. After studying the high quality coal resource and its properties in the Ordos coal basin,the definition of high quality coal is given.
  3. Sedimentary and tectonic evolution of the north depression in the Cevennes coal basin, France [J].Sedimentary Geology and Tethyan Geology, 2000,20(2):43-55.
  4. Exemplified by the North Depression of the Stephanian Cevennes coal basin on the Massif Central in France,this paper discusses the sedimentary dynamics and synsedimentary structures in relations to basin tectonism.
    发育于法国Cevennes聚煤盆地北坳陷区斯蒂芬期 (Stephanian)同沉积断层在空间上局部控制了碎屑体及煤层的形态、厚度 ,且在时间上完成了构造反转。
  5. Newborn natural gas resources in coal basin
  6. The concealed or subconcealed coal basins are also of circular shapes in the landsat images, but show the negative anomalies in the gravity figure.
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