age in days

  • 日龄

age in days的用法和样例:


  1. The relationship between mouth width and fish age in days was expressed as: y = 0.2327e00682x (R2 = 0.9492).
  2. The relationships of total length, body length, and body weight to age in days were y = 3.2552e00472x (R2 = 0.9710), y = 3.3205e o.
    这与鱼苗的食物转换和饵料生物的营养变化有关。 鱼体全长与日龄的关系式为y=3.;2552e~(0
  3. Feeding rate of larvae at 6 - 10 age in days under 1k - 2kLUX light intensity was highest at the range of 0.4K - 3K LUX light intensity, but it had not significant difference.
    在0.;4K- 3KLUX的光照范围内;6-10日龄仔鱼的摄食率以1-2KLUX为最好;但没有显著差异。
  4. Intermittently itinerant swimming behavior of larvae at 3 age in days was principal and then slowly truned to a totally itinerant swimming behavior at 7 age in days.
  5. The protein contents of the normal larvae decresed and the protease activity increased, the protease activity in intestine was higher than the protease activity in body without intestine from 9 age in days to 22 age in days.
    9- 22日龄,仔鱼蛋白质百分含量逐渐递减,蛋白酶的活力却明显增强,肠道内的蛋白酶活力高于去肠道鱼体的蛋白酶活力。
  6. In days of yore, we lived in poor.

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