advance team

  • 先遣组

advance team的用法和样例:


  1. The advance team was at the peak of their self-confidence, honed by political campaigns to a razor-edge.
  2. In the League Cup this season in the first round knockout, two-round total score Everton 4 to 3 Standard Liege lost, becoming the only team out of an advance team.
  3. These must be procured before the arrival of RFC officials advance team one week before the event.Checklist will be provided.Rhino will update Mr.Lu on the requirements by RFC officials.
  4. Advanced team work principle and skills,strong presentation and communication skills.
  5. In addition to the above 4 teams in Europe, Japan, China, Brazil, the United States, the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico 6 advance team has already won the Grand Prix next year's tournament.
  6. When the president came to China, his advanced team worried about he would receive the call of nature on the two-hour-trip from Beijing to the Great Wall.
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