adding cost

  • 追加成本<费用>

adding cost的用法和样例:


  1. Since our employees complained a lot on fast foods, VC Gao improved our meals recently by efficiently increasing the amount of food without adding cost.
  2. Once the vendor companies add cost for their management and fixed price premium/risk premium, the cost per hour for the project will go up beyond USD 63 per hr.
    一旦卖方公司新增成本为他们的管理和固定价格的保费/风险溢价,成本每小时该项目将大大超越了美元的63 %25的人力资源。
  3. On the other hand, each retrieval of a navigation page takes time and adds cost, so the number of links on a page should not be minimized at the expense of adding page retrievals.
  4. Since the added cost of shielded CABLE is usually minimal it is worth installing the first time.
  5. Essentially, design adds value faster than it adds cost. Essentially, design adds value faster than it adds cost.
  6. Mills also require wool to be mechanically shorn, in turn requiring investment of scarce capital by local government and adding costs for herders.

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