acidizing unit

  • 酸化设备

acidizing unit的用法和样例:


  1. The causes for the low output of fluorosilicic acid, the byproduct from the phosphoric acid unit, are analyzed.
  2. The acidulation and filtration systems of phosphoric acid unit in Guixi Chemical Fertilizer Co., Ltd. and their scaling status are described.
  3. Then it gets the conclusion: reorganizing the adipic acid unit is necessary and the company will make more profit after this.
  4. This paper deals with the treatment of arsenic_containing waste water in the purification section of sulfuric acid unit,and its process and mechanism are also introduced.
  5. Finally, some novel BCB derivates containing the squaric acid unit have been synthesized and we expected they can be used as polymeric electroluminescent materials.
  6. "You need to purchase every single separate amino acid unit that makes up the peptide, and feed them into the machine one by one, which then assembles them.

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