acid size

  • 酸性胶料

acid size的用法和样例:


  1. Synthesis and properties of solid polyacrylic acid size NS by instant.
  2. Polyacrylic acid size is one of main sizes.Its importance for environmental protection has been more concerned.
  3. The effect of wet_end single factor on sizing effect of highly dispersed anionic rosin acid size EM_505 was investigated.
    研究了各湿部单因素对EM- 505 型分散松香胶施胶效果的影响。
  4. To research compatibility of cationic starch and anionic material, compatibility of cationic starch and polyacrylic acid size mixture & emulsified oil was tested, the compatibility effect is estimated by separating velocity and subsidence ratio.
  5. In this paper the characteristic of three kinds of main yarn sizes are introduced in detail, including starch size, acrylic acid size and Polyvinyl Alcohol size (PVA) used in textile industry.
  6. Size Film Property of Polyacrylic Acid Size
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