a safety cultural system

  • 安全文化体系

a safety cultural system的用法和样例:


  1. In light of the realities of production and management in enterprises, this paper comprehensively introduces how to establish safety culture system in enterprises, which is quite pr...
  2. The government continued to implement safety measures to encourage proactive safety management on site and to spread a safety culture among all ACP participants.
  3. Success factors for the development of a safety culture are inter alia commitment, values and beliefs.
  4. To foster a safety culture at work,the OSHB continued to promote the Occupational Safety Charter on the rights of employees to enjoy a safe working environment,and the employers'obligation to create a safe working environment.
  5. Abstract: The ethnographic research reported here reveals patterns of authority and learning on an experimental construction site that are significant for the promotion of a safety culture.
    摘要: 这里报道的人类学研究揭示了权威的模式和在施工实验现场的学习,这对促进安全文化是很有意义的。

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